iPad App : Google Apps Browser รวมพลกูเกิ้ลแอพ

Google Apps Browser เป็นแอพที่รวมแอพจาก Google ขนมาเกือบจะหมด ส่วนใหญ่เป็นแอพสำหรับผู้ใช้ทั่วไป


iPhone, iPod touch, และ  iPad. ระบบ iOS 3.1


Picasa บริการฝากรูป


Google Reader

ยังมีแอพอื่นๆอีกเยอาะเลย ได้แก่

★ Gmail ★ Reader ★ Talk ★ Calendar
★ Docs ★ Voice ★ Search ★ Tasks ★ News
★ Buzz ★ Picasa ★ Images ★ Books
★ Places ★ Maps ★ Shopping ★ Translate
★ YouTube ★ Facebook ★ Twitter ★ Myspace

จะเห็นว่ามีบางแอพที่ไม่ใช่ของ Google เช่น Facebook  Twitter  Myspace


✔ Connect with friends on Google+
✔ Get fast access to all your favorite apps
✔ Find new apps fast using Apps search
✔ Use with any Gmail or Google Apps account
✔ View badges for Gmail, Reader, and Voice
✔ Receive chat alerts for Google Talk
✔ Get push notifications via Prowl
✔ Send free text messages
✔ Chat with your friends
✔ Check your Gmail
✔ Watch YouTube videos
✔ Find cool pics with Image search
✔ View your favorite photos in Picasa
✔ Follow your favorite sites with Reader
✔ Open links in our quick view browser
✔ Post to Instapaper, Read It Later or Twitter
✔ Access your Google docs anywhere, anytime
✔ Discover the perfect restaurant with Places
✔ Track your schedule with Google Calendar
✔ Share interesting stuff with Google Buzz
✔ Stay up to date with Google News
✔ Keep in touch using Facebook
✔ Follow your friends on Twitter
✔ See search results as you type
✔ Get things done with Tasks
✔ Translate text instantly
✔ Get driving directions
✔ Find great deals with Product search
✔ Read books for free with Google Books

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